Yoga for Daycares/Pre-Schools

Daycares - Pre-Schools - Libraries - Community Centers

Ages 2-6 

Yoga for Daycares/Pre-Schools

These energizing  classes combine basic yoga poses, breathing exercises, dance, crafts, fun music as well as yoga games.


Children will develop strength, balance, self esteem and flexibility. Yoga poses, breathing as well as awareness techniques will be taught to help children recenter themselves. 

 School teachers will learn tools, strategies and techniques to help children boost confidence, help them remain centered, provide healthy emotional outlets and maintain age appropriate behaviors.

"Oh the Places You Will Go. Today is Your Day! Your Mountain is Waiting. So Get on Your Way" - Dr. Seuss

Want Katie's Kids Yoga in your Daycare, Pre-School, Library, or Community Center?
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Katie's Kids Yoga Program


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