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Yoga for Schools / Pre-Schools 

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Daycares - Pre-Schools

Ages 2-6 

Yoga for Daycares/Pre-Schools/Montessori Schools

These energizing  classes combine basic yoga poses, breathing exercises, dance, crafts, fun music as well as yoga games. Children will develop strength, balance, self esteem and flexibility. Yoga poses, breathing as well as awareness techniques will be taught to help children re-center themselves. 
School teachers will learn tools, strategies and techniques to help children boost confidence, help them remain centered, provide healthy emotional outlets and maintain age appropriate behaviors. 

All classes are offered in daycares, pre-schools, home schools, co-ops, home settings, indoors or outdoors in a safe and structured setting.

Yoga as Playtime

There are a variety of ways that play helps children to learn whether in a school setting. Schools is a place filled with playful activities which encourage  growth and development socially, educationally and emotionally. Incorporating yoga in with activities as a form of play can help children to increase: gross and fine motor skills, brain development, balance and coordination, strength and flexibility. Yoga activities also promote team work, friendships, caring and imaginative play. Yoga activities include: story time, dance, play, and themed classes. 

Yoga for Nap Time

Yoga is a great way for kids to wind down prior to taking a nap, its is also a great way for kids to transition from an active morning. yoga is also great for kids who have a hard time falling asleep, tools are given in order to help the little ones to fall asleep more easily. Calming yoga is an effective transition to use before kids lay down for sleep. The more yoga is encouraged before nap time, or bedtime or as a quiet time break the easier the transitions  will become. The  goal is for the kids to relax their minds and bodies and settle down before they take a rest. 

Mom and me Yoga not Just for Moms Yoga

 These are private classes you can schedule,  They are not in a studio. They are held privately, in a recreational center, library, or school setting when asked by a school or center. Yoga classes incorporate  a light yoga flow, story time, activities, dance and mindfulness practices. Classes are based on the age of the child/children.  These classes areThese classes are structured where parent/parents and child can bond and interact in a peaceful, active and relaxing environment. Classes start off in an energized atmosphere and will work towards a winding down to a calm space. Just ask us where we hold our mom and me classes or create your own! 

Contact us for more information on our pre-schools, daycares, home schools, co-ops and Montessori schools!

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Forms for Sign Up!

This is for schools that require parents to sign their children up

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