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Birthday Parties & Events

 Virtual or in-Person Birthday Parties
Birthday Parties & Events

Come Party With Katie's Kids!

Give your child the gift of a birthday party filled with yoga, movement and fun.

Wholesome, Fun and Eco Friendly!

Your child and their friends will have the pleasure of a unique, playful, interactive yoga experience combining music, art, creative poses and activities. Our parties are a special way to celebrate a birthday, milestone or special occasion!


What's Included


Yoga poses, activities, games, appropriate themed or no theme yoga class and yoga related activities and a circle of friendship activity. We have a wide variety of party themes for you to select from.


The parties are for one hour and a half. We take 20 minutes beforehand to set up

All of our parties are designed to meet the needs of your child

There will be plenty of time for food, snacks and cake!

We clean up at the end!


Friendship Circle Activity at the End of Party


At the end of all of our parties we either do friendship  rocks or bracelets. depending on which activity, each child will be given a rock to paint or a bracelet to create. Each guest will paint a kind word on a rock or place beads on a bracelet with a kind word on it.  Once the kids have finished their gift making, they will sit in a circle with the birthday yogi in the middle and each child will present their scared gift, these gifts represent the birthday yogi's authentic and cherished value and is a representation of friendship. The birthday yogi will get to keep these beautiful gifts which will create a beautiful and happy memory for them. 

Some Party Themes

Aerial Yoga

Glow in the dark Yoga

Beach Yoga

Superhero party

Fairy princess party

Disney party

Yoga Mat Painting  Party

Ninja Turtles party

Day at the Zoo

and More!

Kids with Capes
Woman making aerial yoga exercises, indo

Schedule Your Special Day With Us!

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