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About The Teachers


Lisa F. Levine
Lcsw, Lisw, Lisw-Cp Eryt, 500, Rcyt,  Yoga Instructor

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Michele Karl
Eryt-200, Rcyt,-95 Yoga Instructor
VP of Operations

With a mix of Latin and Asian roots, Michele Karl was born in May of 1979. She studied Systems Engineering and received a postgraduate degree in Human Resources, as well as worked in various fields including Colombian politics; however in none of them was she able to live a fulfilled life. It was after being in a physically and mentally abusive relationship, (what nowadays she sees as a blessing), when she discovered yoga. That was the beginning not only of her self-healing but also of finding her true calling. Michele is a registered Yoga teacher, certified in Elementary and Middle School Yoga for kids, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga 12 Steps Recovery, as well as Trauma Informed Outreach Training. Michele is an Eryt-200, Rcyt, trauma informed yoga instructor. 


Natalie Coon
Yoga Instructor

Natalie Coon graduated from Corepower Yoga on October of 2014. Her first taste of yoga happened when a friend took her to a small Bikram yoga studio in Silverlake, CA in 2011. At the time she was working as a 3D modeler at Nickelodeon and found herself eager to try something new. Long hours in a seated position took a toll of her body and mind. She found herself transitioning to a full time job at Bikram Yoga Headquarters and worked there for over a year. 

Shortly thereafter, she started working at a sleep clinic and simultaneously committed herself to the yoga for trade program offered at the Wilshire studio in Los Angeles. She immediately signed up for teacher training when the opportunity presented itself. In 2015, she moved to Illinois and made her way as a teacher to a studio manager where she managed Corepower Yoga studios in Naperville and Oak Park. She stepped down and started her own yoga company teaching to children, teens, amputees, seniors, and special needs populations.  

In 2019 her mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and she moved down to Florida to help her mom with her treatments. She found yoga to be super effective with easing some of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Covid came along and these tools were even more beneficial to those struggling to find their footing in an uncertain time. She taught online yoga classes during the world health crisis. 

Natalie Coon
Yoga Instructor

               Adriana Rodriquez
                      Ryt- 500
                  Yoga Instructor

Adriana is originally from Brazil and has lived in South Florida for 25 years. She holds a bachelor degree in business, yet found her true passion on her yoga mat 12 years ago. This passion led her to completing her 500 Ryt at  Bohdi Yoga Studio and having over five years of teaching experience. In addition, Adriana is also certified in Chair Yoga, Yin Yoga  and  a Kidding Around Yoga  children's yoga teacher. In her free time Adriana enjoys going to the beach, and spending time with her family and friends. She is also a dog lover who likes to travel and have new experiences. IN the classroom Adriana is known for her fun, creative and dynamic style. She is extremely passionate about connecting to her students and sharing the gift of yoga with others. 

Amanda Mintz


Yoga Instructor


Carol Figares
Yoga Instructor

She has been teaching different yoga modalities of yoga for adults and children for over a decade. Carol has studies on Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin yoga. Carol is also certified to teach Yoga Kids and Prenatal Yoga. She has a background in Psychology and trainings on Reiki Healing, Mindfulness and Early Education Development, keeping her awareness on the power of words, presence and touch during her classes. Carol also runs workshops to educate new teachers on how to work with children and teach yoga to them. 

Alexis Broussard
Yoga Instructor

Alexis became passionate about yoga her senior year of high school when she noticed her self love, awareness and strength growing with each practice. She completed her 200 hr (RYT) Teacher Training at Yoga Den in Jacksonville, FL in 2019. She currently teaches yoga at FAU and prenatal/postnatal classes. The growth, development and well-being of children has always been important to Alexis, she has been a nanny for kids of all ages for many years. Alexis’s vibrant energy and passion for life is a perfect fit for Katie's Kids Yoga.

Lisa Levine has been working with children and families for over 25 years, she is a licensed clinical social worker with a private practice in Boca Raton. She is a non conventional therapist who specializes in treating anxiety, mood issues, self esteem issues, attention and impulse control issues, self- esteem and social skills, special needs and is trauma trained.  Lisa got her yoga certification in 2013 at Yogaearth and her Rcyt at Kidding Around Yoga.  Katie's Kids Yoga was developed in 2014 with the intention of spreading the yoga of yoga, mindfulness and relaxation through aa healthy, peaceful and gratuitous atmosphere on and off the mat to children of all ages in school settings and out. Lisa is passionate and has a strong drive to help children in unique and different ways, she has specialized and unique techniques that she has incorporated into her program. The hope is that children will learn tools that will carry them into through childhood and adulthood, creating a way that that will lead to a healthier  stress free, happier and grounded lifestyle. When Lisa is not doing therapy or teaching she enjoys doing yoga, traveling,  walking, going to the beach and spending time with her dogs and family. 


Rylan Knox
Yoga Instructor

Rylan grew up dedicating her time to intense training, competing in gymnastics for about 8 years. She then went on to spend many years coaching gymnastics. Upon moving to south Florida she was introduced to yoga and breath work by one of her best friends. Her personal yoga journey began after the sudden loss of that very friend. Yoga quite literally saved her life in a time of grieving and pain. She graduated from MSD in 2018 and has spent a long time healing and processing from the tragedy that occurred. She has struggled most of her life with mental health disorders and came to realize how much the breath work, mindfulness, and focus of yoga helps keep her mind at ease. Despite all the tragedy and loss she has experienced, she chooses to use her experiences to grow and allows them to fuel her passion for helping others discover their inner peace. She is a 200 hour RYT certified through American Yoga Teacher's Training, as well as a certified Reiki Master Teacher, and a certified sound healing practitioner. Her goals in teaching yoga are to help others heal, and to inspire and guide you through your own practice and self discovery process. She wants to use her own story to inspire people to get the help they need and let them know that it's okay to not be okay. What we benefit from yoga on our mats, the physical asanas, is only a sliver of all that yoga has to offer. 

  Amanda has been practicing yoga for 18 years, became a certified yoga instructor during quarantine, and has been teaching kids yoga in the community for three years.

Her specialties include: kids yoga, mommy and me yoga, guided meditation and vinyasa. 

Amanda grew up in Trumbull, CT and started practicing yoga in High School after reading a magazine article stating that Jennifer Anniston was an avid yogi. When she moved to Florida in 2017 with her two young sons; Lucas and Jason Jr., and  her husband, Jason Sr. she became part of the amazing beach yoga community in Delray Beach, FL.

Amanda's nurturing disposition and mindful parenting approach has led her to be very passionate about sharing her practice specifically with children. She believes Yoga helps children improve their self-esteem and manage their emotions in a non-competitive environment. 

A regular practice can lead to children developing muscle strength and flexibility, enhanced concentration and clarity of thought. Starting yoga at an early age can also greatly increase the benefits of this practice. By teaching children how to find inner quiet, accept and manage their thoughts and emotions from an early age, can lead to them growing up to be more confident and happy adults. As children develop, it is important to continue routines that can help them grow socially, emotionally, and mentally and yoga does exactly that.

Katie's Kids Yoga Instructors:

All of Katie's Kids Yoga are certified yoga instructors with 200 or 500 hours.
All of our instructors are also registered children's yoga instructors.
Katie's Kids Yoga has trauma-informed yoga teachers.
Katie's Kids Yoga instructors take yearly continuing education courses in teaching yoga.
All instructors have been background checked.
All of our instructors are licensed, bonded and insured.
All of our teachers have much knowledge and experience in working with children.
Katie's Kids Yoga has a licensed clinical social worker on staff and school teachers.
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