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Fitness Summer Program at Your Camp

Kids Reading Outdoor

Virtual Summer Camps • Recreation Centers • School Camps

Libraries • Community Centers

All Ages 2-18 Years

Summer Camp Programming


Katie's Kids Yoga brings the summer camp classes to you! Campers imaginations will soar as we share yoga poses, dance with our hearts, get creative with cooperative games, activities and arts and crafts. We will promote laughter, and learning, health and well being, movement, stillness and peace and understanding as well as acceptance, awareness and respect for oneself, and for others!
Inspiring Fun-Filled days
Imagination Activities and Games
Arts and Crafts
Mindful Moments

* Prices vary on class sizes and what types of services are desired!

Some Class Themes Ideas
Beach day
Day at the Zoo
70's or 80's Themes
Mandala Making
Peace Gardens
Rock Painting
Unicorn Fun
Jewelry Making
Mindful Jars
** Katie's Kids Yoga Will Follow What Theme if Your Camp/Program Has Any  Themes, These are Just Some Examples of What we Offer!
Boy Blowing Bubbles
Friends at Camp
Kids in Art Class
Katie's Kids Yoga follow all the guidelines of the CDC, and all of the places that we are serving
We provide cleaning products, including lysols, wipes, paper towels, yoga mats and supplies. 
Image by Robert Collins

Contact us so we can provide you with a free demonstration for you and your campers and provide more information!

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