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The mission of Katie's Kids Yoga is to offer yoga, movement,  play, activiies, arts and crafts  to children and teens so they can experience relaxation, stress relief, increased academic sucess,  connection to self and others and build  a healthy self esteem. Our belief is to help children and teens empower themselves and embrace their full potential. 


Katie's Kids Yoga is a school, community based program  helps develop children's abilities to focus, balance, increase flexibility, coordination, self-esteem, self awareness, and emotional regulation.  Our classes are filled with yoga poses, movement, energizing music, team-work building exercises, engaging activities, gratitude,  mindful moments, and our unique relaxation techniques.  


We offer programs and classes that help build resiliency, combat bullying, teach social skills, improve emotional regulation, physical strength and mental focus.  Our classes focus on age appropriate development of the movements and provide opportunities for the child/individual to manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviors in healthy ways.


The goal of our yoga program is to provide skills for life that empowers the individual child to increase the ability to cope, self-regulate, increase social skills, manage stress and grow in self confidence and self-esteem in order to promote academic success.

Yoga focuses on the individual development of the child and practicing from an early age gives children a toolkit from life in order to cope with this ever changing society.

Our hope is that the children take all the learned tools from our classes and use them throughout their life into adulthood.  

We are school, community and camp based programs, we bring the classes to your facility!

About Us

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