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Katie's Kids Yoga offers active yoga classes, energizing music, activities, team building exercises and mindful moments. Our  classes are offered in schools and child centers throughout Florida and other cities and states. We are now offering virtual and in person classes. Our classes focus on healthy child development and kid empowerment for children of all ages. The program's mission is to give kids essential life tools in order for them to thrive both physically and emotionally throughout their lives.  Exciting, imaginative, challenging and thoughtful, these classes help kids build strength and confidence, stay focused in school, and learn how to calm down and relax.  All classes and special events are filled with age appropriate poses, relaxation & breathing techniques, art, music, movement, imaginative play, and a lot of FUN! 

We are a specialized yoga program that works in combination with  yoga, mindfulness, SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) programs, art, dance, music, as well as our  unique relaxation techniques.

Our programs our tailored by age groups for kids, teens and adults and we create programs that meet the needs of the schools and communities that we serve. 


With Katie's Kids Yoga, children will have a better understanding about their own emotions through mind and body awareness and develop ways to self-regulate throughout the school day.

Katie's Kids Yoga works in school settings, classrooms, after-cares, day cares, community centers, recreational centers, special needs programs, or in private sessions and small groups.

We look forward to working with you!

Much Love, Katie's Kids Yoga

"The Body Benefits From Movement, and the Mind Benefits From Stillness" – Sakyong Mipham

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