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Mindfulness,Yoga and Social/ Emotional Learning Programs

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Mindfulness, Yoga and Social Emotional Learning Programs

as a Physical Education Replacement or Specials Replacement

Mindfulness and Social Emotional

Learning Programs

Why Mindfulness and SEL for Children, Teens?

Mindfulness and SEL offer essential  life skills that allow children, teens and adults to access their inner breathe, body and mindset in times of stress. When kids, teens and adults can activate their inner resources, they can meet challenges with a sense of personal power, and thrive in a variety of life's circumstances.
Reference; Casel, 2020
In a school setting SEL and Mindfulness can benefit children, tweens and teens in the following:
Help students maintain relationships
Increase a greater understanding of emotions and experiences, which can promote empathy
Maintain lasting relationships with teachers and peers to promote a collaborative learning culture in the classroom
Strengthens student's social and emotional well being
Enables students to feel comfortable, to feel a sense of control of their social environment and to have a more enjoyable and positive life experience
Increase academic success
Less emotional and mental distress, SEL programs affect central executive functioning which improve students inhibitory control, planning and ability to switch attention from one task to another. 
Students have lower levels of depression, physical and verbal aggression, and less disruptive behaviors in a school setting.
Children who learn mindfulness skills with SEL may be able to calm their emotions in a difficult situation.
Builds students confidence and self esteem.

Children will increase ways to manage stress through breathe awareness, meditation and healthy movement, practicing ways to focus and concentrate, all while increasing their confidence and positive self- image. Children will become more empowered and increase self love. 

Team work activities to build healthy relationships and connections with others, and increase ways to problem solve.

How do Mindfulness and SEL work together in a school setting?
 When taught together, social and emotional learning and mindfulness can have even greater impact on both individuals and the world around us.

Having SEL and Mindfulness Programs in Your School:
Social Emotional Learning is a process, and therefore requires, time, patience, and especially educators that are committed to providing a safe and learning environment. We can assist you, your teachers, in connecting your academics to our programs. We will design a program to meet the needs of your students!
Katie's Kids Yoga can bring an SEL and Mindfulness Program to your school setting! This can be done safely in person, pre-recorded and live/virtual classes!

Students participating in SEL programs also showed improved classroom behavior, an increased ability to manage stress, anxiety and depression and better attitudes about themselves, others and school. 

See Casel.Org , 2011, meta analysis of 213 studies
involving 270,000 students.


Find out how we can "create" a program that is the "right fit" for your school

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