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Our Story

In Loving Memory of 

 Kaitlyn Nicole Ferrante


Kaitlyn was a beautiful, bright, and ambitious young lady who could light up any room she walked into. She was kind, sweet, loving and inspiring to all of her friends, family members and people in the community; she loved and adored children and spent much of her time babysitting, being a nanny, volunteering and mentoring kids and working at a daycare center in Parkland, Florida. Her dream was to become a neonatal nurse. 


Kaitlyn would never get to live out her dreams; at the age of 21, her and her friend's lives were cut short by a drunk driver in Coral Springs, FL. Out of this tragic situation, the idea of 

Katie's Kids Yoga Program arose to educate, empower and support children, teens and young adults through nurturing environments. We increase self awareness and self-confidence; improve decision making, focus and self-discipline; provide coping strategies and relaxation methods through our specialized yoga & mindfulness techniques. 

Our goal is to help individuals understand that they have choices in life, a voice that they can use to express themselves with and that there are healthy ways to cope and manage emotions. We teach children social interactions, inclusion, how to create a sense of community. We encourage individuals to use the strategies we teach in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It is very important that EVERYONE that is involved in our programs know that if they need help or support or resources that we have them available, we are here to support our children, pre-teens, teens communities, families and school systems. 


This program helps Katie's dream come alive. 

Kaitlyn Nicole Ferrante
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