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Yoga for Schools

Happy Circle

Katie's Kids Yoga can bring the classes to your setting safely in a classroom setting or we can provide virtual or pre recorded classes.  Our classes focus on the body-mind-heart connection, yoga poses, energizing  music, activities, mindfulness, movement, and art-projects.  

Classes are held in:

Elementary and Middle Schools


Benefits of Yoga for Children

  • Children will practice yoga for self health, relaxation, and inner fulfillment  in order to manage life challenges with a little more ease. 

  • Yoga encourages positive self-esteem, and body awareness in a non-competitive manner.  Fostering compassion while enhancing their flexibility, balance, strength and flexibility. 

  • Children will increase ways to manage stress through breathe awareness, meditation and healthy movement, practicing  ways to focus and concentrate, all while increasing their confidence and positive self- image. Children will become more empowered and increase self love. 

  • Team work activities to build healthy relationships and connections with others, and increase ways to problem solve. 

High Schools

      These classes can be a specials, replaced as a Pe, and as a yoga club. During the classes the students will:

  • Practice specific yoga postures for strength, endurance, flexibility and increased range of emotion.

  • Practice different types of breathing exercises to learn how to harness the breath and direct their focus and energy into the present moment. 

  • Through yoga poses children will increase the ability to connect with themselves and with their peers, team work building activities, increase a healthy positive self esteem and self image.

  • Practice meditation with breathing techniques  while seated and laying down and relaxing the entire body (walking)

Katie's Kids Yoga will come to your School, Aftercare Program, Co-ops, Home School Programs,  Physical Education Classes or any School Special Event.  We also provide classes in libraries, community centers and recreational centers as part of after care programs or day programs. Our Classes help to increase student's capacity to increase focus, imagination, empowerment, balance, flexibility, creativity, determination, regulate behavior, and cultivate self-awareness. The heart of this program is to teach children to project rather than suppress, their emotions and teach them how to understand their feelings, process their feelings and manage stress and anxiety through our specialized techniques in combination with yoga, and mindfulness. 

Contact us to bring Katie's Kids Yoga to bring our programs to your setting!

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