Yoga for Schools

Classrooms - Aftercares - Special Events at Schools

 Pre-School to High School

Ages 5 to 18 years

Yoga for Schools

 Our classes focus on the body-mind-heart connection, yoga poses, energizing  music, activities, mindfulness, movement, and art-projects.  Classes are held in Schools, including; Aftercare Programs, Physical Education Classes or any School Special Event. Katie's Kids Yoga School Classes help to increase student's capacity to increase focus, imagination, empowerment, balance, flexibility, creativity, determination, regulate behavior, and cultivate self-awareness. The heart of this program is to teach children to project rather than suppress, their emotions and teach them to express emotions in healthy and efficient ways. 

Our programs are in over 60 places including public and private schools, including after cares, special needs programs, community centers, day cares and summer camps. We also do individual and small group private sessions and special events.

Contact us to bring Katie's Kids Yoga to your P.E. Classes, After-Care, or any school special event!

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Katie's Kids Yoga Program


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