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Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for Athletes

Elementary School to College

Ages 5 & Older

Our yoga for athletes programs provide effective ways for athletes to enhance strength and performance whatever sport you may enjoy.  Yoga helps build a healthy mindset, builds  strength, agility, balance, and focus, which are all important for improving performance and injury prevention.

By strengthening and lengthening the muscles you use the most when playing soccer, swimming, running, football, dance, basketball an more, you can prevent injury and bring your body back to balance. Yoga can be a perfect complement to athletic endeavors and a is a great way to cross train and recover

Our yoga and mindfulness  sessions are scaled to complement each individuals physical training, enhance mental focus, manage emotions, as well as increase flexibility, endurance and mobility.


Mental Focus is also a very effective way to assist athlete's to stay grounded, centered and focus both on and off the field.

Yoga for mental focus is great when you need some positive reinforcement, a guide in the direction that makes you feel balanced, whole and good.

Yoga and mindfulness practices prior to a sport or an activity can increase the following:




Attention Span


Positive Mindset

Present Moment Awareness

Ask us about our new ATHELETIC PROGRAMS!!

We create a program that meets the needs of your program!

"Yoga is not just about the body it is about the mind" - Lebron James

Want Katie's Kids Yoga in your School Athletic Program?

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