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Katie's Kids Yoga introduces young people of all ages to the foundations of yoga and mindfulness and how to apply these concepts to their daily lives with the hopes that they carry these valuable tools into adulthood. These energizing and  relaxing classes combine basic yoga poses, dance, breathing exercises, dance, crafts, fun music as well as yoga games. Children will develop strength, balance, self esteem and flexibility. Yoga poses, breathing, mindfulness  and coping strategies are taught to help children re-center themselves. Children will practice yoga for self health, relaxation, and inner fulfillment  in order to manage life challenges with a little more ease. Yoga encourages positive self-esteem, and body awareness in a non-competitive manner. At Katie's Kids Yoga we teach  children into fostering compassion and non-judgment while enhancing their mindset, and self-confidence, self awareness and self love.  
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Kids for Peace

" I love this program, my kids have been doing small group lessons with four other boys and girls. they are learning yoga, ways to use the yoga in their life, and how to connect with themselves and others, it is so important for kids to connect"

R. Davis, Parent 

Yoga Class

"We had a blast with Michele and Lisa, my kids and

their cousins met at a park, we did yoga, fun arts and

crafts! Highly suggest giving this program a try, they

teach alot more to kids than just yoga"

J. Miller, Parent

Yoga Class

My kids and I had a wonderful experience with Michele and Lisa. W did a small group outside a my home with another family Highly encourage you to give this program a try1 They work in schools and do private sessions. I learned many things help keep my kids relaxed and focused while they are on virtual school! Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

M. Devoss