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Katie's Kids Yoga introduces young people of all ages to the foundations of yoga and mindfulness and how to apply these concepts to their daily lives with the hopes that they carry these valuable tools into adulthood. Our programs are in schools, daycares, aftercare, community centers, homeschool programs, co-ops, recreational parks, libraries and summer camps. We provide private and small group classes. We are currently providing classes in-person, virtually or prerecorded. We are here to accommodate your needs during the ongoing changes we have been faced with over the past year.

Mission Statement

Katie's Kids Yoga is a program committed to introducing yoga and mindfulness to young people, guiding them to a healthy lifestyle. We believe that our children are our present and future.  Cultivating holistic emotional, physical and mental well-being in our schools through yoga, relaxation, activities and other mindful practices. Our belief is to help children be empowered and  embrace their full potential and live their lives peacefully, knowing that the world holds greatness for them and that they have so much to share with the world.

Core Program

Our core program structure develops children's abilities to focus, balance, increase flexibility, coordination, self-esteem, self awareness, and emotional regulation. Yoga is a great social emotional learning tool for helping kids stay physically fit, emotionally stable and maintaining mental health. Our classes are filled with yoga poses, energizing music, team-work building exercises, engaging activities, mindful moments, and  relaxation techniques.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed on an individual basis to meet the desired needs of each setting we teach. We create lesson plans based on age and the populations that we serve in schools, and in the community, including: co-ops. home schooling programs, small group settings, libraries, community centers and camps.  We promote ways to problem-solve, enhance social skills, self-confidence, and strategies to improve academics. 

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