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Relaxation Rooms

Grey Living Room Sofa

Pre-School to High School

Ages 3 to 18 years

 Children - Adults - Home Schools - Teachers and Administrators

Relaxation Rooms 

Relaxation Rooms are areas for children during the school day when they are faced with stress, if they get into trouble, and/or if they need to deal with difficult emotions. It is a safe space where relaxation techniques, awareness, art, journaling, and yoga can take place.


It can be more beneficial to allow children the time and space they need to calm down, express and process their feelings rather than having them sent to the office, a detention room or home. These rooms allow children to relax and reflect on their behaviors/emotions while using the time to find effective ways on quieting the mind and processing thoughts and feelings. 

Relaxation rooms are also used for children who are having challenges with behavior. This has been proven in studies to be more valuable in increasing an overall sense of calmness, coping, improving behaviors and managing stress appropriately.

Relaxation Rooms For Teachers

Image by Dan Gold

Stress-Relief is not just for the students! We also provide relaxation rooms, or a "Teachers Lounge", for all school teachers. This is a place where they can de-stress, do yoga, and/or meditate in a calming environment.

Relaxation Rooms For Children

Child's Room

What would a Relaxation Room in your School look like?

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