Yoga for Teachers

Yoga for Teachers

Yoga Classes for Teachers

Right now we are facing challenging times, especially school teachers. teachers have very hard jobs right now, some are teaching in-person only, some in person and virtual and many are mothers or have families that require attention at home. We are providing the following services for teachers:


Yoga, Restorative, Vinyasa, Hatha Classes 

Meditation  Classes

Mindfulness Classes

Workshops on how to manage your stress as well as your students in a classroom setting. Katie's Kids Yoga will teach techniques, and  strategies  through yoga, meditation and mindfulness in order to increase a classroom setting that is "stressed-less", calming and relaxing. We will help you create an environment that is peaceful for all whether in person and virtual.


Our Yoga for School Teachers classes are a great way to learn how to let go of the stress and tension in the body and mind,  increase your flexibility and focus. These classes will help to clear your mind, find ways to relax while in a school setting or when at home. We will design these classes according to your needs.  This class combines gentle supported postures with mindfulness meditation. Our yoga for teachers program is for school staff, and  librarians, school board employees, and  community center staff.

Modifications to suit your needs will be provided. No experience is needed. Come and take some time for you!

*These sessions can be in person- social distance, virtual, or pre recorded

* These sessions can be held inside or outside

*Katie's Kids Yoga follows all of the CDC guidelines and rules of all facilities that we are teaching at

For more information on our programs  for teachers