What People Say

Certified Childcare Monitor

Elementary School

Ms. Lisa Levine has such a postive impact on these children. I highly recommend her for teaching yoga in school. I strongly feel that kids, teachers and staff can only benefit from this in a postive way.

Childcare Monitor Supervisor

Elementary School

This year we’ve had Ms. Lisa do staff yoga with my staff members because I believe that we need to feel our best and practice mindfulness ourselves since this is what we are teaching the kids. I highly recommend her for children and adults of all ages.

Enrichment Coordinator

Prepatory School

I recommend Lisa for any school and feel that her services are helping children manage their stress, talk about their feelings more and find ways to problem solve. She is a caring, kind and compassionate person with much knowledge and experience in working with children. 


One of my sons in particular had a lot of testing anxiety, and she has taught him many great techniques, using yoga and meditation as well as other coping strategies to overcome his anxieties.


I think that this has been such a positive influence in the life of my children and I will support keeping this program in school extracurricular programs and would encourage adding it to educational programs across our county.