At Home Yoga

At Home Yoga

Yoga at home programs are a great way for children,  tweens, teens,  and families can connect. 

These classes are a series of pre recorded classes that you can purchase in series of 2 or 3.

Yoga is physically and mentally  and emotionally beneficial for families and their children of all ages. These yoga classes can help grown ups,  children, tweens, and  teens put aside worries, stress, schedules and conflicts and find happiness, peace, connection, trust and compassion together in the present moment. 

Classes are designed to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and  confidence, encouraging physical and emotional  interaction, trust, and  bonding in a safe, relaxed space. 

Katie's Kids Yoga classes incorporate yoga, with active movements, music, and mindfulness activities.  and ways These classes encourage bonding time between family members, children, tweens and teens. 

What is great about this program is that we can also create a series to meet your needs. 

These classes are video which makes it convenient as they can be done at anytime. Upon request we can be live or meet safely in person in an outside area. 

How can these programs  be used at home or in person or virtual/pre-recorded

. Supplement to PE classes​

. After school activities for kids that are missing out on their after care activities and clubs

. Strength training

. Reduce anxiety and stress

. Increase attention span and focus

. Mindful moments and brain breaks during stressful times or academic breaks

. Connect with your child

. Connection with friends

Classes focus on a variety of themes including: mindfulness, nature, trust games and activities, art, restorative and vinyasa  yoga with visualizations depending  on age and setting.


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