Elementary Schools

Ages 6 - 10

Elementary Schools

After-cares, Classrooms,  Back Yard Classes, Co-ops, Home School Programs Physical Education Classes, and Lunch Time Yoga

Our yoga classes for Elementary schools (ages 6-10 years; vpk-5th grade. Children through your classes will have an increase sense of  body awareness builds confidence and strength, good posture, self-confidence, flexibility, relieves stress and anxiety, improves behavior and creates a sense of  empowerment and calmness. It can help children increase behavior, focus and attention span.

These classes combine yoga flows, arts & crafts, music, games, and our unique techniques.  These classes provide teamwork building activities in a fun, peaceful and comfortable environment. 

We create a class to meet the needs of your program. We can bring the class to you at your school, at your home, in your backyard or our backyard!

" Believe in Yourself and You Will be Unstoppable"  

- Anonymous

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