Art Program
Art Class
Schools - Day Cares - After Cares - Home Schools-Co-ops- Virtual or Pre-Recorded
Ages 3 & older 
Art Program

This program involves painting, arts and crafts, drawing and designing to meet the need of 

each child's unique creative expression. These classes will give practical knowledge to children of all ages on how to deal with stress, anxiety, and other emotions. We also teach children ways of  finding peace, mindfulness and relaxation through art.

Encouraging children to use their imaginations as they explore through art and mindfulness techniques. 

We design this program according to age, and the needs of the children. These classes can be strictly art or incorporate yoga and mindfulness practices.

*These sessions can be in person- social distance, virtual, or pre recorded

* These sessions can be held inside or outside

*Katie's Kids Yoga follows all of the CDC guidelines and rules of all facilities that we are teaching at


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